Soft Rebels was founded by a small experienced group of people working within design and production in the fashion industry. They had dream of starting their own brand together — a labour of love.

At the time they all reside i China which inspired the brands philosophy. The chinese philosophy of yin and yang describes that contrary forces are actually complementary and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another

The duality of the philosophy translated into the name “Soft Rebels” — a merge between comfort and attitude that has become signature of the brands way of thinking.

Today Soft Rebels is designed in Denmark and produced at the brands own production facility in China. The brand is still fueled by the same passion and curiosity as from the very beginning.

We strive to produce timeless fashion pieces with great attention detail and quality while ensuring a fair price.

Vi har i øjeblikket ikke nogle produkter med dette mærke.